More Quotes 

"Rice has gritty, weathered pipes .............and songwriting that squeezes the soul."   Mississippi Valley Blues Society      Davenport,IA                    "D'Allan has a good heart, good music comes from good hearts."    Bo Ramsey-Artist and Record Producer      Iowa City,IA


Work On New Album Continuing

Live Performances 2013 

36 Dates Performed 2013. Goal 45 or more for 2014. Or Regular 6 mo. Engagement with Mark Twain Riverboat, Hannibal, MO Songwriting Continues Also.

Visits to Website 

Over 25,000 visits to for 2013. Thank you Visitors!

New Songs Ahead 

December 1,2010 - March 1, 2011. Songwriting. Come back for samples of new tunes.